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Dead End Town

by Asbestos Worker

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    Hand screen covers from the weirdo behind The Inkening, Twin Cities print collective.
    Adam Hile also works like a motherfucker "singing" and 6-string noise making over at Tongue Party (Learning Curve Records). Pickup their latest release here:

    learningcurverecords.bandcamp.com/album/looking-for- a-painful-death

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It's gotta be a lonely existence, living your life inside of your mind, with a complete lack of emotion, seeking the answers you'll never find. You'll never see it, when it passes you by, and you'll never believe it, you will think its a lie. Constantly gauging every reaction, whether it's real or merely perceived, spoken so clear but you'll never hear it, signals are sent but never received. It makes you feel awkward, and it ruins your day, with that feeling of failure, that won't go away. Viewing the pain as only a lesson, teaching the way to overcome, skeptical of all the good times, you suck out the life and make it no fun. When the happiness fades, and it all falls apart, remember that you, chose your head over heart.
The world is a dumpster, and people are the trash, no redeeming qualities, lusting after cash, thriving on filth, exponential growth, how far can it spread, do I really want to know, idiosyncrasies, terminal disease. I'm ready for the flood, for the ground to open up, we've taken what we don't deserve, possessions we didn't earn. If it was convenient, if it wasn't such a chore, make it entertainment, so it isn't such a bore, cover it in sugar, fry it on a stick, they will never tell, that their really eating shit, overflowing seas, total hypocrisy. I want to change the world, but I'm already late for work, I'll try and pencil it in, sometime before it ends.
Shitty roads, the smell of piss, gun shots everywhere, degenerates, incompetence, no one really cares. Complacency. Shitty drivers, traffic jams, never getting far, a tweaker grin, the hate within, garbage in the yard, I'm leaving today, fuck this place. The fireworks, at 1am, the vomit in the street, the lack of jobs, or self respect, revel in defeat. Nothing to save, nothing will change, staying the same, day after day. Abandoned homes, abandoned cars, a total lack of pride, abandoned Hope's, abandoned dreams, feeling dead inside. Despondency. Failing kids, failing schools, all in disrepair, it's by design, their hearts and minds, will wallow in despair. Perpetual, perennial. Falling wages, rising crime, the cycle never ends, protect and serve, don't be absurd, they are not your friends. Nothing to save, nothing will change, staying the same, day after day, I hope this city, burns to the ground, I'm finally leaving, this dead end town.
Defeatist 03:25
I never could see the point, I don't know why I should try, I know that every time I put myself out there, I'm let down, it's so much easier to sit on my ass all day and do nothing about it, whine and complain on the app of my choice. ☆ I could put in the effort, but what's the use, we've already lost the chance to turn it around, that's the way of the world, that's just how it is, nothing will ever change, its always been this way, now it's more of the same, and I give up, I give up. It could be that I'm lazy, or maybe its fear, I know that every time I think of the future, I get scared, it's so much easier to act like I'm tough all day and do nothing about it, troll everyone on the app of my choice. ☆
I'm a little surprised I wasn't put into a forced sterilization program, I'm 41 and only wear t-shirts of obscure bands that nobody likes, the only shows I watch are animated and centered around adolescent humor, but somehow I'm deemed fit to care for a human being and shape their mind, I want to see the government overthrown and I hate most people, should I tell my kids voting is a scam and oh yeah FUCK PEOPLE! ☆ I can't believe, they let me, have a child, they call me, responsible, what do they know, I can't believe, they let me, fucking breed, they call me, responsible, what do they know. I wonder sometimes if I'm reading thoughts or just projecting insecurities, I swear I hear people thinking "who let this weirdo have a person?", the kicker is I can't say that I disagree with all of their arguments, I cast judgement on people like me with children all the time. ☆×2 Thing is, I've got 2 of them.
It appears you could use someone with little to no self respect, someone that you can kick around and never feel any regret, no need to even look any further cuz I think I've got a person in mind, he enjoys being beaten down more than any other person you'll find. ☆He's a glutton for punishment, he likes being abused, he takes all that you give him, he likes being used, you can treat him like shit, and he'll ask for more, his life ain't worth shit, anymore, ◇thank, you, may I, have, another. Are you looking for a whipping boy who will always keep begging for more, today must be your lucky day I think I found the guy you're looking for, I present to you a shell of a man who will take it with smile on his face, use him up and then you cast him aside, he's always easy to replace. ☆/◇x2 He is always to blame, yeah, it's always his fault, he will carry the shame, that it's always his fault.
There are very few things that I regret in my life, this is one of them, if you take things for granted you'll eventually watch them slip through your fingers, I see this now, fractured moments of inattention and neglect, forming years of hurt and resentment. I never meant to, an admission of guilt without knowing why, walls keep people out but you wind up the prisoner, bound by fear, death is not the only tragic loss you might face in life, and it's not the most painful.
I have this problem, if I'm not showing my pearly whites, apparently that means that I'm pissed off, they call this resting bitch face, and it gets me bombarded with questions like, what's wrong, what's the matter, are you having a bad day. I'm really not mad, its just the way I look, its probably just my facial structure, or the shape of my mouth. Have you ever been just sitting somewhere, minding your own business, when a complete stranger comes up and asks "hey buddy, why so glum", you say "I'm fine really, but thanks for your concern, what you'd really like to say is, even if there was, why would I fucking tell you anything about it. I said I'm not mad, why won't you leave me alone, don't you have anything better to do, than ask me stupid questions, you know what fuck it, I am pissed off, I shouldn't have to dance a jig and sing kumbaya to not be the grumpy guy.
Deadlock 03:20
We've finally come to an impasse, fundamentally opposing views, no way of ever breaking through. ☆I'm not surprised at the outcome, I'm not surprised by your stance, I'm not surprised about you spewing your hatred, humanity never stood a chance. Things have really started boiling over, all our faults slowly rise to the surface, no one wants to seem weak or pathetic, believing that it's for a higher purpose. ☆ We're taking chances with the whole fucking planet, this isn't just another video game, we'll never get the chance to say we regret it, if the whole world goes up in flames. But there's no other choice, we were doomed from the start, it'll end in a deadlock, torn apart, and we truly deserve it, it should probably be worse, and I think that we earned it, the bitter end, and the creeping fear, in the back of your mind, it will always haunt you, nowhere to hide. Now we're entering the final chapter, the story's ending and nobody wins, is this the life that you've been lusting after, is it worth the price of all your sins.
I've never met anyone more deserving to wear the title of human trash, I hope one day you come realize what a peice shit you really are, every breath you take, is a tragic event for the whole damn world, every word you speak, is an assault on common decency, you're made from hate and lies and all that I have come to truly despise, you're made from fear and anger a massive ego and a sense of entitlement, you're a goddamn virus, you're a fucking plague, you're the death of humanity, you're the death of humanity. The definition of asshole is a picture of you. ☆Always so quick with an insult, or a shitty little sexist remark, calling everyone faggot or homo, advocate tearing families apart, your opinions are the only that matter, your the only one who knows whats right, puff your chest and say all liberals are pussies, but never willing to get in a fight, [it's an act, that I see through, we all know that your really just scared, it's a fault, it's a weakness, to live your life solely based on fear.]×2 Everyone hates you, you deserve it too, your life is fucking pathetic, and you know it too, ignorance, outright lies, misinformation, a dull look in your eyes. ☆(to live your life in fear)
Hey buddy what the fuck are you lookin' at, it kind of seems you've got a problem with me, keep it up I might just beat your dumb head in, leave you bloody in the goddamn street, I've had a bad day, like every other day, I learned that violence, is the only way, I have a broom and I'm intending to use it, this motherfucker here has some kind of nerve, how dare he question anything that I tell him, now he'll get exactly what he deserves, I'm gonna teach him, a fucking lesson, I solve all problems, with aggression, I'm so angry, it controls me, don't ever cross me. How bout you and me we take this outside, talk shit again I'll blacken both of your eyes, I've got so much pent up anger inside, you want your ass kicked well you found the right guy. We can settle this, man to man, no deadly weapons, just hand to hand, its gonna happen, we're gonna dance, no backing down now, no second chance. 2 hits and then this fight will be over, me hitting you and then you hitting the floor, you go ahead and keep thinking I'm playin', pretty soon I won't be playin' no more, I've had a bad day, like every other day, I learned that violence, is the only way, I'm gonna teach him, a fucking lesson, I solve all problems, with aggression.


12"vinyl ships mid Februrary.

Asbestos Worker is Josh Stever.
Josh Stever is also an asbestos worker.
Too obvious for you to comprehend, right? Well the hits just keep on coming with the release of his first full length, Dead End Town on 12" LP.


released January 23, 2020

Josh Stever did t!

Asbestos Worker is:
Josh Stever on guitar
Josh Stever on bass
Josh Stever on drums
Josh Stever on vocals

all songs written, performed and recorded by Josh Stever.

Mixed and mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording in Minneapolis MN Oct. 2019.

Artwork by Adam Hile.

Vinyl pressed at Gotta Groove Records.


all rights reserved



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