without solace

by anion

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what a godawful noise.
A cage match between straight hate vs zero bullshit.


released October 10, 2013

johnny matter - vocals
steve sepanzyk - guitar
cole benoit - bass/vocals
shaun maguire - drums

produced by matt bayles and anion
recorded and mixed at the red room by matt bayles
mastered at rfi mastering by ed brooks
design and photography by cole benoit


all rights reserved



No List Records Winnipeg, Manitoba

Loud rock.

2019 includes adolyne/ the weir split, Waingro III, KITTENS tribute and Hard Charger "Machine" repress.

kill me now.

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Track Name: The Last Installment
White lies. White lies. White lies. Lies

Take this from me
Take it for granted
Everything you cherished
Doesn’t mean a thing

Take this from me
Burden of sorrow
Riddled my body
Ripped out the seams

Lies you take the bait
With things you believe
But you’re deceived

Take this form me
Words are pointless
Actions speak louder
Than anything you speak

Take this from me
Strength I’ve collected
All the resentment
You haven’t even seen

Lies you take the bait
With things you believe
But you’re deceived
Take it from me
Track Name: Snake Oil
Don’t lose balance on that thin line tight rope
Don’t lose grip of the hand that shakes and chokes
Don’t lose focus on the prize that’s so close
(Don’t lose your head in those clouds so low)

Bottomless void
Endless pit
Bottoms up
Drowning in this shit

Raise your glass
Let’s make a toast
I’m thirsty still
Never enough
Down the hatchet

Try to find a message in an empty bottle dry to the bone
Try to find a sun shine in a loaded gun the safety’s on
Try to find a purpose for a heart of gold a heart so whole and stone

Tired of dead ends waking up in cold sweats
Tired of dead friends carry on alone
Track Name: Parathion Cocktail
Pulled the shortest straw again
Trying to find the will to live
Haunting images in my mind
Toss and turn no sleep tonight

Something’s got a give

Born alone die alone
That’s all I’ve ever known
Weight of life weighs on me
Only one way to set me free

Something’s got to give
Something’s got to break
Someone’s got to pay
Someone’s got to bleed

Just like worms in the dirt
We all dig and squirm

From a bird’s eye view
Vultures lurk and prey on you

Live, Break, Pay, Bleed

Something’s got a give
Something’s got a break
That’s it fuck it I’ll put it to rest
My final statement
My final performance
My last gasping breath

Roll the credits
Close the curtain
Rest on razor blades
With a bottle of sleeping pills
With a shotgun in my mouth
With a noose around my neck
Someone’s got a pay
Track Name: Mycosis
Contaminate the air that we breathe
The water, the soil, every resource in the name of greed
Dig your graves prepare for death
Pigs and slaves now suffer the wrath

Gather around a fire you can not contain
Wings of desire will carry the flame

Black mould, black sun, black ashes
Black mould, black sun, black masses
Infection that consumes us all
Inscription written on the wall

You have won the battle but you’ll lose the war
Run for cover can’t escape the hordes
Efforts pathetic can’t detect the source

Path less traveled, last stone thrown
Release the sparrows, sharpened sword

Across the river, a golden throne
Release the arrows, mask of mold

Breathe in breathe out
Relax and choke
Track Name: Close Talker
We never could relate
Always screamed awkwardly
They thought we all were high

We wear our scars with pride
Got nothing left to hide
Our voice will never die

Can’t hold us down
You won’t shut us up.

We were never lost or found
One ear against the ground
They’ll never take us alive

Lick your lips shake your hips harder now
Bite your lips raise your fist harder now

Invade your personal space
Spiting truth right in your face
Honest men we never lie

We wear these scars with pride
Got nothing to fucking hide
Our voice will never die. die
Track Name: Open Casket
Afflicted by
Distorted thoughts in the mud

Lack of faith
Fell from the sky above

Heart stops
Blood clots life stops

Remembered by
The monster I’ve become


Slowly tortured until I’m gone

Lay me down to rest
A social experiment
For your amusement
I’ve expired

Clean me up for the display
Dress me up I’m preserved
No visitors in wake
Close the door

What is done can’t be undone

Maggots eating the skin
Fly’s breeding from them
Rigamortis locked in
Stiff as a board

Lock me into a box
Throw away the key
Lower me into the earth
I’ve been waiting

Save the prayers for when your time comes
Save the tears for when your time comes

What is done can’t be ever undone
The final rest has finally come
Track Name: Torero
Apparently you haven’t quite figured it out yet?
And no one’s going to show you the way
Go ahead make my day you fear truth
Give me a reason to exercise these demons

Excuse me while I lose my mind in your lack of experience
It’s not your fault you never lived
Fuck off I’m not listening to your self-indulgence
You’re a bleeding slit waste of skin

This is what you came for wasn’t it?
Shit stinks especially when you’re full of it

Unfortunately you haven’t found a place, purpose, identity
Trying to recreate everything you see

Parton me I’m not entertained by your lack of substance
You’ll die alone on your knees
Just another number statistic for the manufactured culture
Lined up and ground up by the machine

This is what you came for wasn’t it?
Shit stinks especially when you’re full of it

Tragic, pathetic, and plastic
Like that manikin you bought that cheap suit off of
The same one they buried you in
Buried you in
Did you in
Track Name: Rotting Bloom
Cover this weathered wasteland
Cower in shadows of the past
Clay forgotten effigy
Cold frozen suspend in time

It buries you alive it shortens your breath
Keep me closer to death
One thousand more times
One thousand more years
Creeping closer to death

Bone the fractured in-betweens
Stone fossil of broken teeth

Strive to exist starve to persist
In the wheel of evolution is will rot

We must admit to the crimes we commit
Pay the price nature has no mercy

Close, Cover, Darkness
Bury the sun